Swept Hilt Rapier, English, ca. 1600. (x)

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WHAT A QUEER TALE | a mix of songs that remind me of fairytales and girls in love | (credit)

i. gently as she goes; karliene // ii. summer wine; coeur de pirate // iii. scarborough fair; emily zea // iv. riverside; agnes obel // v. knight of noir; susanne sundfør // vi. black widow; anna ternheim // vii. beast; agnes obel // viii. liar, liar; a fine frenzy // ix. little red riding hood; amanda seyfried // x. i am your echo; kari // xi. keeley; emily jane white // xii. rangers; a fine frenzy // xiii. marsh kings’s daughter; eisley

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Do you ever wonder about how an author would describe you in a novel? Not only your appearance but the way you talk and laugh and hold yourself and all the expressions on your face?


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st mark’s basilica/matt northam flikr

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mythology meme - echo, the cursed nymph
who loved her voice so much, that she became nothing but a whisper. (x)
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Stab me

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"My heart
is a wolf
ruled by
two moons;

one which
beckons me
back into
the night,

the other
is calling
me home."

—  © 2013 Maza-Dohta  (via maza-dohta)
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its kinda stang e

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