deeply rooted body issues is the very bane of my existence 


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You are the most dreamy entity on this earth I love you so much

"in 100%, swear to god seriousness you may be the most beautiful girl i've ever seen in my life"

maybe that’s because I’m like 90% sanctified monster and 10% girl

"my goodness, you're breathtaking"

thank you so much omg!!

Knives, acquired in Siberia, date from the 9th-5th centuries B.C 


sure is hard work being the emo cousin AND the gay cousin


i drink GATORADE to replenish my ELECTROLYTES so that i have the STAMINA to talk shit about nerds on the INTERNET 

Purple’s rarity in nature and the expense of creating the colour and has given purple a s u p e r n a t u r a l aura for centuries. The colour purple is a symbol of wealth, dignity and royalty. It’s also often associated with spirituality, m a g i c and mystery.

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